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Step 8

  All the paper work has been completed. Your buyer's loan package has been submitted to the lender's underwriter and the loan has been approved. 

  The lender will draw up the final loan package.

  This generally takes twenty-four hours. The accepted loan package is then sent to the title company and final documents are drawn up and made ready for signatures.  The signing process will take less than one hour, depending on questions. 

  Within twenty four hours of signing/closing, the selling realtor will request a time for the buyers to view the home one last time before closing. This is known as the “Final Walk-Through". If everything is in order, we proceed with closing.

   Shortly before closing (two or three days), you will need to contact the utilities to disconnect your utility services. Make that effective the day property ownership is transferred to buyer.

Final note:

  Please keep in mind that actual transfer of ownership will not take place until this transaction is recorded in the recorders office.  Recording will take place between 8 am and 11 am the first business day after signing.

Buying your home is not a causal walk through the woods. Carefull planning and cary through will prevent unpleasent surprises!

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