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Step 5
Home Inspections

  It is important to note and understand the following. You are making an offer on the home as you see it.  We will assume that those things we cannot see, such as electrical, plumbing, heating, foundation and general property condition to be in good condition. 

  You will hire a Home Inspector to carefully make an inspection of the property to make sure there are no hidden problems or concerns.  If the inspection uncovers hidden problems, generally they will fall into two brackets:

1. Health
2. Safety

  These items, will in most cases, have to be fixed in order for the lender to loan money against the property. 

  These are not cosmetic issues seen by you when you viewed the home. If there are cosmetic items you want addressed then we need to make that part of the “terms” in our offer.

  Some home inspectors confuse the issue by including cosmetic issues when in fact they need only be concentrating on hidden, major defects. This one tip may have just saved you a lot of heartache, money, and maybe even your whole deal!

   The following is a partial list of home inspection services that past clients have used.  This is not to be taken as an endorsement of any home inspection service over another.  It is only intended to give you some reference point as to your selection of a home inspection service.


Abacus Home Inspection                  


Arctic Property Inspection              


Building Inspection Co of Alaska


House Masters                                                     



The Home Team                           


S&S Engineering                             


  Fees for the home inspection is a buyer's expense.  The cost for the inspection will run from $250 to $450 for a single family home. Some of the above inspection services have engineers available to do the inspections.

  Interview your prospective home inspector and satisfy yourself that his service is insured or bonded. A recent change now requires all home inspection companies to be licensed.

  Ask around and see who friends and associates have used. Ask the home inspector if you can accompany him as he performs the inspection. Our suggestion is to be present during the inspection because you can gain a lot useful information.

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