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Mortgage Loan Programs

  It is not our intention to go into every loan program that is available but rather to simply relate to you that there are lots of different programs.  The question is:

“Which one is the best for you”?   

  As a real estate professionals, we do not try to keep up on all the different programs out there.  Rather, it is our on-going goal to know enough about these programs to be better able to ask the loan agent questions on your behalf that will fully explore what's best for you.

  The normal programs include FHA, VA and Conventional Loans.  Here in Alaska we have additional loans offered by Alaska Housing.

   The above loan programs have several sub programs within each program.  The total loan programs available would probably number more than 60 in all. There are programs for those with excellent credit, bruised credit, little money, no money and everything in between.

   For any questions relating to mortgage loan programs please contact Richard Mantyla at Residential Mortgage.

Richard Mantyla
907-222-8833 office
907-230-4747 mobile

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